Building Your Own Sauna or Buying a Pre-Built Sauna?

With the hectic pace of life today, it’s important to have a place that is all yours, a place that brings you peace and relaxation. For many people, that peaceful haven is a home sauna. Home saunas are a great way to bring balance to your life and have a variety of great health benefits.

What is a Home Sauna?

A home sauna is a small room in your house that is made to produce dry or wet heat. Home saunas usually have one or more benches to sit on, and temperatures often exceed 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

Home saunas have many health benefits, including the following:

• 10-20 minutes in a sauna provides many of the same physical results as vigorous exercise. Your heart rate increases, giving you the same effect as taking a brisk walk.
Saunas increase circulation and promote good blood flow to the extremities. This increased blood flow helps maintain a beautiful complexion.
• Increased body temperature from spending time in a sauna can help fight off infection, and many people believe that sweating profusely has an effect of detoxifying the body.

Advantages of Buying a Pre-Built Sauna

Pre-built saunas, sometimes called “modular” saunas, are constructed by the manufacturer and simply assembled in your home. This type of pre-built sauna has many distinct advantages over building your own sauna.

• One of the biggest advantages of a pre-built sauna is the set-up time. Besides being a quick process, setting up a pre-built sauna is easy and intuitive. Building your own sauna would take a long time, lots of expensive tools, and a great deal of carpentry skill and experience.

• Another major advantage to buying a pre-built sauna is that the lighting and wiring in these units is already installed and ready to use. When you build your own sauna, you need to hire an electrician to wire the unit. Pre-built saunas eliminate this hassle and expense.

• Many people also enjoy the fact that pre-built saunas are portable. If you don’t own your home or plan to move sometime in the future, you can take your sauna with you to the next place you live. Once you get used to having a sauna, you won’t want to be without one in your next home.

Considerations About Pre-Built Saunas

Pre-built saunas don’t have many disadvantages, but there are definitely things to consider before making the investment. Before you buy a pre-built sauna, be sure to pay attention to the following:

• What size are the parts of the pre-built sauna? It’s important to make sure the pieces will fit through the doorways in your house. Most pre-built sauna companies make an effort to simplify the installation process, including the process of physically moving the sauna into your house. Just to be on the safe side, check the dimensions before you buy.

• While the advantage of portability is a major selling point for pre-built saunas, some people feel that a sauna can increase the value of your home. However, like swimming pools and many other amenities, saunas aren’t for everyone. Potential new owners may not have discovered the many benefits of saunas and may be discouraged from buying your home because you have a built-in unit. Owning a pre-built sauna allows you to move the unit when you move.

Buy a Pre-Built Sauna for Less Hassle and Greater Flexibility

Taking a sauna is all about reducing stress in your daily life, but if you build your own sauna, you may actually be increasing your stress level. Besides all the daily stress you currently have, you would have the stress of finding trades people to makes the sauna, electricians to the wiring, and materials that work for your purpose. In addition, you’d have to worry about what a sauna would do to your home’s resale value.

Buying a pre-built sauna helps relieve all of these stresses in addition to helping alleviate your daily stress. A home sauna should reduce stress in your life, not add it.

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