Saunas in Montreal

There are so many health benefits associated with saunas that many people have incorporated them into their daily or weekly routine. There are plenty of saunas to be found within Montreal, so there’s really no reason not to add it to your health routine if you are interested.

Finding Saunas in Montreal

When looking for a sauna in Montreal, you`ll want to ensure that you take into account several factors.

Location: Even if a sauna is great, you probably won`t go as often as you would like if it`s on the other side of town. Find a sauna that is near your work or home so you have a good reason to go there and it won`t seem like a huge chore to drive the whole way.

Price: Not all saunas in Montreal are priced the same. The location will have an effect on the price, but so will the quality and the equipment. For example, if you are going to a full spa center that offers many different services, the prices are probably going to be
different than a sauna exclusive space.

Staff: How you are treated when you go to the sauna has a huge impact on how you rate the place. When the staff are grumpy and unhelpful, it really isn`t worth continuing in the same place. Knowing what kind of temperament you are looking for in a space will be very helpful and should definitely be considered.

Services: What other services are offered? Sometimes it`s worth driving a few minutes out of your way to multitask. If you can use the sauna and then have your hair done in the salon or get a manicure, you`ll save a lot of extra time and this alone is worth opting for the more feature-laden sauna center.

Options: How many people are in the sauna? Are personal saunas available or will you be sweating it out with a number of strangers? These are important questions to ask and it can really help to see the building before you commit to anything more than a one-time visit. Some people enjoy the social nature of a traditional Finnish sauna, while others prefer to pay a bit more for a private sauna where they can relax in peace and quiet and not have to speak with anyone.

Quality: How nice a sauna is will probably have a pretty big effect on how often you want to go. If the area is seedy and you find the actual sauna to be dirty or smell odd, chances are pretty slim that you`ll be back. Take the time to find a good sauna that is actually worth going to. The best saunas will always be neat and clean, with wooden walls and benches and should be very comfortable. The actual amenities in each sauna will vary, of course.

Recommendations: While you can certainly do your own research and seek out a dozen different saunas in the area, it is far faster to go on a friend`s recommendation. People like you will have similar tastes and interests in saunas and this can be useful in finding one that you will actually like and stay with.

The Finnish originally brought saunas to Canada and to Montreal and they are still a big part of the life here. While the original saunas are mostly gone now, new ones have sprung up with the intention of bringing saunas into the modern world. Now you`ll find not only steam saunas in Montreal, but also infrared saunas that provide even more health benefits. All you have to do is look, no matter what your preference.

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