Can a Sauna Burn Occur?

Saunas can be installed in a person’s home, but they are mostly found at health spas, hotels, fitness clubs, and resorts. There are also several types of saunas with differences relating to how they are heated. A sauna that is heated using wood will most likely be designed differently then other types of saunas. Despite small differences, the benefits and the risks of saunas are the same.

One may find that a sauna is heated with a heater that is powered by electricity, gas, or wood. There are also saunas that are heated with rocks or through infrared energy. Infrared energy is created through ceramics or metal that uses infrared energy to produce the heat. There are even infrared lamp saunas that that produce the sauna heat through heat lamps. The lights from these lamps tend to be incandescent, which means the lights are colored. It is known that colored lights are good for various organs within the body. But although these different types of saunas are beneficial, caution must be taken because sauna burn can actually occur.

What is sauna burn?

A sauna burn is a burn that occurs as a result of being in a sauna but it doesn’t have anything to do with being in a sauna too long. When a person is in a sauna too long, they will become dehydrated and can possibly pass out. The skin does not become burned in the process.

What causes sauna burn is not taking off pieces of jewelry such as necklaces, watches, and rings. Leaving glasses on can cause sauna burn and it is even considered more safe to take out contact lenses to avoid the lenses adhering to the eye due to the heat. Dental plates should also be taken out. It is safe to say that anything that is artificial on the body should be removed to avoid any possibility of a burn.

Other precautions

Aside from taking off jewelry, glasses, and any other artificial artifacts on the body, sandals such as flip flops should be used. A plain pair tends to not have any type of metal or plastic pieces that can cause burn. The floor to the sauna tends to be hot and can burn the bottom of the feet. This is why some saunas have bowls of water available to place the feet in to avoid burning from occurring. However, wearing sandals has become a common practice and bowls of water are not seen quite as much.

The truth is that it is ideal to walk into the sauna with nothing on aside from a towel and a pair of kick off sandals. This allows the individual to enjoy the benefits of the sauna without risking burn. The only worries that should exist are possible respiratory issues that occur in some people and that too much time is not spent in the sauna that could lead to dehydration. No one should have to worry about being burned, so it is good to do a double check and even ask those around you if there is anything on your body that can cause a burn.

It is amazing how used to certain pieces of jewelry many people can become and innocently forget that they have it on. In reality, it isn’t like in the movies when the mob boss is sitting in the sauna with his associates, sporting a huge gold chain around his neck. It is good to be realistic and make sure that all possibilities of injury are eliminated because, although some may say it is okay, it is better to be safe than sorry.

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