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Just Some Of The Many Infrared Sauna Benefits

One thing is for certain when you talking about infrared sauna benefits. People enjoy saunas as part of relaxation. There are a number of special benefits that saunas can be used for like weight loss, medical treatment, relaxation, purifying of the body through increased release of toxins, and mental health and wellness.

Before discussing the specific infrared sauna benefits in the different areas it is important to know some basic information about saunas. One thing to remember is that there are many different types of saunas available. These different types of saunas include saunas intended for medical or health treatment, those intended for home use, indoor versions and even outdoor versions.

No matter what type of sauna you choose be sure to consider one of the newer versions with the infrared technology. Infrared saunas are considered to be much more useful ins some instances. The difference is that instead of air heating the sauna the heat comes from an infrared light source.

The main advantage of the new infrared technology for saunas is that it is better on your respiratory system. The air that is breathed is a better quality. This is because in a traditional sauna the respiratory system is exposed to hot temperatures which is not the case with the new technology.

When it comes to the overall quality of the sauna, one of the biggest infrared sauna benefits is that the heat is able to reach much deeper into the skin and body. The heat is therefore more effective. This means that the new infrared saunas can actually be used like medical saunas for medical treatments.

Some of the other infrared sauna benefits are that that the sauna is hot enough to help your body get rid of toxins more quickly. Some of the other stuff that can be moved through your body more quickly includes alcohol, nicotine and metals. The possibilities are endless when you consider that the quicker you get stuff like alcohol and nicotine out of your body the quicker you can stop being dependent upon them.

There are a number of specific medical conditions and symptoms that the infrared sauna can help to alleviate or make better. It has been proven that exposure to the sauna can help people get over the feelings of fatigue. Plus you will find that it is a great way to be able to help relieve muscle pain.

In addition to the infrared sauna benefits that you have read above this technology can actually help you with goals of weight loss. You will find that it will be easier to lose weight since you actually burn more calories then running for the same amount of time. Plus cellulite will become less apparent.

The infrared sauna is also good for mental health and wellness. You will feel happier and better about yourself. Plus the relaxation benefits with this will help.

With the new infrared sauna benefits from the new science and technology there are a number of different things that you will notice. You will feel better physically and mentally. Plus you might actually be able to have help with reaching a needed goal like to stop drinking or smoking or to lose weight.

Home Sauna: Maintenance Tips

A home sauna can be a real treat. You`ll experience all the benefits of a proper sauna and sweat bath right in your own home. However, saunas do need some upkeep. As long as you are willing to learn about how to maintain your home sauna, you`ll be able to enjoy it for years to come.

Saunas are almost always built of wood and this needs some special care to keep it in optimum condition. Since home saunas tend to be fairly small, this is an ongoing task that really shouldn`t take much time.

Cleaning Your Home Sauna

Since the steam will kill any germs that happen to enter the sauna, you really don`t need to use anti-bacterial sprays or other disinfectants within the sauna. In fact, it`s not even a good idea to use cleaners like this, since they tend to seep into the wood and then let off nasty fumes as you are heating the sauna up again. With the wrong cleanser, you could end up with an unusable steam room!

Prevention is the best medicine and this applies to cleaning, as well. Rather than wait for sweat to stain your wood seating, it`s a far better idea to have towels ready to lay on the benches. Have anyone entering the sauna sit on these and you will find that the wood stays in great condition for far longer.

To actually clean the sauna, here are some helpful hints:

• Use plain soapy water to wash the wood with a soft cloth.
• Rinse with cool water.
• For severe discoloration, sand the stained area before washing and treating as normal.
• Watch out for ammonia in your cleansers, not only does it give off toxic fumes, it also turns the wood grey.

It`s also a big help to have people wipe down the seats when they use the sauna. This will help reduce the discoloration that is due to weat.

Maintaining the Sauna Heater

The wood isn`t the only part of the sauna that needs cleaning, the heater will also need some regular care. There are two types of sauna heaters, electric and wood burning.

An electric heater is fairly easy to clean. You will want to wipe down the heater with a soft cloth and some mild, soapy water from time to time to keep it pristine. Don`t ever use a rough cloth or scrubby, since this tends to scratch the metal surface. Once a scratch has appeared, the humid environment in the sauna promotes rust.

Wood burning heaters will need to have the ashes removed after use and regular, professional inspections of the vents to ensure there is no fire hazard from creosote buildup.

The stones that are used to heat the sauna are also quite important. No matter what kind of stones you use in your spa, you really do need to inspect them on a regular basis. Any rocks with cracks or that smell odd will need to be replaced.

Another issue that many home sauna owners run into is a sticky door. The heat and moisture combined in the sauna room makes the wood swell. This can cause the sauna door to stick and is quite easily solved. Just take a piece of sandpaper, see where the wood is sticking and gently sand it just enough to allow the door to open and shut easily.

It really isn`t that difficult to maintain a sauna if you know what you`re doing. Avoid harsh chemical cleansers and keep your heater in tip top condition and you`ll enjoy your sauna for a long time to come.

Sauna Etiquette – Clothing Optional?

sauna-etiquette-clothing   To wear, or not to wear; that is the question! All kidding aside, there are some serious things to discuss when it comes to the question of clothing inside of saunas. Some people have no problems when it comes to stripping down to their birthday suits, no matter who sees them! The majority of the population however does have problems with being seen naked in public – even in a sauna. What then, is considered proper etiquette in a sauna when it comes to clothing?

I will never forget one moment in my childhood when I opened a sauna door and encountered a very unattractive, naked woman sitting inside. I quickly closed the door, and saunas have never been the same for me since! Granted, there are some settings in which you can go without your clothes in a sauna. For example, if you own your own private sauna in your home, there shouldn’t be a problem going in your birthday suit! Another example would be at a private club where the clothing option is clearly stated. In a public sauna however, it really is best to leave your clothes on.

Europeans have been using saunas for generations now, and North Americans only discovered them a few years ago. It is well known in Europe that saunas work the best when the user is not wearing any clothes at all, and maybe nudity is more accepted over there because of this fact. In North America however, nudity is not so acceptable! It is better to use a sauna without clothing, but when you think about sharing space with eight or nine other people – especially when those people are complete strangers, clothing is suddenly more important than getting the best use of the sauna.

Another reason not to forget your clothes when going into the sauna is because of the position your body must be in to get the maximum results. Sauna experts will tell you not to sit in the sauna – you must lie down to get the full sauna benefits. They will also tell you that if you do have to sit down, it is best not to let your feet dangle. In these positions, it is probably best to be clothed!

You can get away with a very small bathing suit, or even wearing a towel wrapped around your body in the sauna. As long as the material of the suit and the towel is made of breathable cotton, you should still be able to reap the full benefits of the sauna. Some very uncomfortable moments can be created when you don’t pay attention to the kind of sauna you are entering without clothing – please pay close attention to this very important detail!

Saunas can be a great experience for anyone who wants to go, and you’ve got to remember not to spoil that experience for everyone else! (Like it was spoiled for me!) Home saunas are pretty affordable to build, and if you choose an infrared sauna, it is actually cheap to run as well, and you can feel free to wear your birthday suit as much as you want.