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Steam Saunas for Beautiful Skin


Very few people are born with perfect skin. The majority of us struggle to control or disguise zits and various skin issues, including acne, often with little success. What many don`t realize is that a steam sauna could be the solution they are looking for, a way to get that beautiful skin they`ve been dreaming of.

How Your Pores Work

Our skin is a very useful organ. The pores open and close, depending on temperature and need. Waste and toxins are eliminated through these pores and as long as they are functioning correctly, the skin tends to stay fairly clear and problem free. Unfortunately, the world we live in is full of pollutants and dust which clogs the pores and prevents the elimination of waste.

The toxins build up in the pores and often get infected, causing pimples. In addition, if you have allergies to certain toxins that cannot be eliminated or that are not removed from the skin on a regular basis, you may end up with rashes and other skin problems.

Often, the creams and cosmetics that we use on our skin to cover up blemishes and to try and correct problems are part of the issue. They contain chemicals and ingredients that help to clog the pores and promote zits, often creating even more skin problems. While you don`t hav to give these things up completely, it is a good idea to have a cleansing sauna on a regular basis to flush out the pores and restore balance.

Steam Saunas: Great for the Skin

The heat of the steam sauna opens the pores, particularly in the face. The wider they open, the more likely it is that the pores will be able to release the materials that are clogging them up. The steam is excellent for helping release the extra dirt and waste that needs to be removed, as well and will clear everything out.

Another great benefit of the steam from a sauna is the fact that it stimulates sweat. The heat increases sweat production and since this is the way our bodies get rid of everything, it provides what is essentially a deep cleaning of the largest organ on your body, the skin.

After a sauna, you can expect your skin to be clearer, your pores tighter and with repeated use, a general healthy glow. Most people notice the most improvement in their face, but the entire body will benefit from regular steam saunas.

Making the Most of Your Sauna

There are certain techniques to improve the quality of your saunas and to ensure that your skin receives the maximum benefit. By using these, you`ll find that your beautiful skin is easier to maintain.

If you opt for just a facial sauna, why not add some herbs to the steam? This can have different effects, depending on which herbs you use. Lavender is calming and soothing, for example, while peppermint is more stimulating. Less common herbs such as basil will help cleanse the skin.

Showering after the sauna is of utmost importance, since this rinses away sweat and the grime that has been released. Using cool water will help close the pores again, making it more difficult for dirt to accumulate. The smaller pores will also create a tighter skin and give you a healthier look.

Steam saunas are a good way to ensure that your skin stays healthy. The heat and steam works with your body to deep clean the pores and bring out toxins. When done on a regular basis, you`ll find that your entire body benefits and you`ll have skin like you always dreamed of.

Can Saunas Improve Your Breathing or Sinus Conditions?

Saunas can help those with breathing or sinus conditions breathe easier. This may seem like a contradiction, especially since hot and hazy summer days can aggravate certain breathing conditions, especially asthma. However, studies have shown that those with breathing conditions can actually find relief through a trip into a sauna.

There are three main types of saunas used today. Dry saunas use a wood stove to heat the air inside of the sauna. This creates little to no steam, which means those who cannot breathe in steamy air can breathe in a dry sauna. Because the heat in a dry sauna is not moist, it does not make the user feel as though he or she is breathing “heavy” air. This can make it possible for asthmatics to use the sauna when they otherwise were unable to do so. The heat does not feel as hot as it really is, simply because it does not contain high humidity.

Some people with breathing difficulties may find it difficult to breathe inside a traditional dry sauna. The dry, hot air stifles their breathing. However, infrared saunas, the second type of sauna, operate differently. Instead of heating the air, the infrared sauna heats the person. This means that the air inside of the sauna is the same as the air outside of the sauna. Those with chronic breathing difficulties can benefit from the healing properties of using a sauna while avoiding the problem air in a traditional dry sauna by using an infrared sauna.

People with breathing problems that can breath steamy air often report more relief from a steambath than a dry or infrared sauna. Doctors often recommend taking children who have sinus infections or asthma into a steamy bathroom to help them breathe. The steam in the bathroom has the same effect on the child that the steam in a sauna has on an adult with breathing difficulties. It helps to break up the mucus that is causing the problems.

Therefore, those who can breathe in a steam sauna often report more relief of their breathing difficulties from this type of sauna treatment than from the dry or infrared treatments. The problem, however, is that the steam can aggravate some people’s breathing difficulties, so caution should be used when these individuals are using the sauna for the first time.

All three types of saunas help rejuvenate the body overall. This serves to help breathing problems as well as other skin conditions. When someone enters a sauna, the heat penetrates the body and opens the pores. As the body heats, it begins to perspire. Along with the perspiration, toxins that have built up in the body are removed. This increases circulation and improves the immune system. As a result, the body functions better as a whole unit. Sinus problems and other breathing difficulties are lessened as a result of the decrease of toxins in the body.

Some breathing problems are aggravated by too much stress. A sauna, whether wet or dry, can help relieve stress and fatigue. This can help alleviate stress-related breathing problems for certain people.

Personal home saunas to be used at home are available, but this purchase should not be made until the person suffering from breathing difficulties has first determined whether or not a sauna will help. Individuals who are wondering whether or not a sauna will help their breathing and sinus problems should try one, unless advised not to by their doctor. Most day spas have saunas available. By visiting a spa, those with breathing problems can try the sauna and see if they have any improvement in their symptoms before investing the money in a personal sauna. If someone finds relief from their asthma or other chronic breathing problems in a sauna, then buying a personal sauna may be a good investment.